Saturday, November 18, 2006

Super Fun Saturday

We had a big day and I'm really sleepy.

Ali had soccer pics today before her game so we had to be there at 8AM - that's early to wrangle together all the Tingles. Very early. Today they played really well and won their 3rd game in a row. The SURGE are currently undefeated!

One of my favorite things about the games is that at the end, after the teams high-5 and do their 'good games', all the parents go out to the half field line and make a tunnel with our arms and cheer as our happy little players run through. It helps you reconnect to the idea that we're here for our kids to have fun, no matter how they play. Their smiles as they run through 'the tunnel' are priceless. Maybe one of these days I'll get a picture of Ali on her way out.

We rushed around dropping things off that needed to be returned and then rushed home to get ready for our next activity: The Corn Maze!

Our friends, the Camps, accompanied us out to Mt. Dora and ran around in the corn with us for a couple hours. It was a lot of fun and I took a few pictures, but they're all of the Camps, no Tingles. Grr.

Must sleep.

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