Friday, November 10, 2006

A blog a day . . .

. . . can start to drive you batty. But here we are on day 10 of the NaBlPoMo challenge and still going strong.

Great knitting news: I finished the first sleeve for Wayne's sweater. This has really been a labor of love. I thought I had it finished earlier today, but wanted to check it on his arm before I started attaching it to the body - good thing too. I had to knit 3 more inches!! I don't know how he got so long.

I'm planning on casting on sleeve 2 tonight while he's at band practice. I estimate that it'll take me a week to finish it, but keep your fingers (and needles) crossed that it'll go faster.

Also pictured above are crazy kids. Emmy looking like she belongs in The Shining, Ali and her friend Landon playing the other day.

And a close-up of a fun and sparkly Christmas gift for a great friend. Could it be you?? According to the sign at Wal*Mart, you've got 44 more shopping dates to wait and see.

O, and I haven't forgotten about you Harvest Sock swap buddy - I'm getting some finishing touches for your package together today and will be posting your package on Monday.

Happy Friday!

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limedragon :-: Harriet said...

The sleeve is lookin' good, and cute pics of the kiddos. : )