Friday, May 19, 2006

5 for Friday

emily's foot
my favorites winning on at least 2 of my favorite shows - good job aras & hippies!
alison's blooming fashion sense - she's been dressing herself a lot lately.

something sweet blooming in the front yard
the grill - i lit it all by myself :)
coffee i didn't make on mother's day

soft baby blankets - while putting them away in the baby's room
lots of snuggles
brewski who begs for love

a happy and hopeful nicole - thanks tom!
ice cream truck
ashley parker angel - i'm very lame.

cranberry ginger ale - diet, of course, but still wonderful
winter garden pizza twice in one week
lemon sandwich cookies


Yesterday I did a lot of finishing on the blanket, I'd say it's about 50% finished with finishing. I got into a good groove with it and Ali was easily distracted with Play-doh and art projects so I could just sit with her and work. Here's a picture of the bulk of what's done, there are some other little pieces that haven't been attached, but good progress nonetheless:

Last night, when I could sew no more, I finished Ali's first Pink & Purple sock and then cast on for the second one. I'm really starting to enjoy sock knitting. It's just interesting enough, but not a huge project so you can feel accomplished.

While cruising craftster this morning I stumbled upon yet another fun-sounding Knit-a-Long. The Yarnmonkey is hosting a Knitting World Cup -- I don't think I'm going to do this one due to the baby's due date and how awful my performance in the Knitting Olympics was, but it sounds cool.

On a baby note, I've begun thinking about what I should pack to take to the hospital. With Alison I was horribly unprepared -- I had a list and I packed those things, but once there I needed several other things which Wayne would diligently schlep in when he'd come to see me and which in the end would not all fit back into the original bag because it was overflowing -- so I want to do better this time.

But everytime I start thinking about it, all I can think is 'I'm going to need an extra bag for yarn.'


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Eve said...

I love the way the blanket is turning out!!! You've done some really great progress on it! I can't wait to see the finished results!

Yarn Monkey said...

the yarn monkey just wanted to wish you well with the new baby. monkey has 2 baby monkeys and understands if you haven't got time to play world cups. Hmmm. will have to think of what's world domination knitting project to organise once the world cup's finished! Maybe you can join in then.

BTW nice blanket.