Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Gearing up for Summer Knitting

I'm still trudging along on my Tasha bag, but have to wait until our next knitting night to make sure I've got the cabling right. Since I didn't just want to abandon it, I cast on for the other 9.5" x 9.5" Stockinette side - it kind of makes my pinky hurt to hold the little yarn.

My birthday is just a couple of weeks away, so in an effort to not buy the things people may have purchased as gifts I've been coming up with a list of new things I want to make and buying the supplies. I'm proud to say that this week I placed my first online yarn order, then my second a day later - it's kind of addictive and I'm guessing my stash is going to grow exponentially if I'm not careful.

Here's the plan:

I ordered some Knit Picks Simple Stripes in Sweet Tarts to knit the Girlfriend Shrug for Alison. I really hope that its a good replacement yarn for the impossible to find Lang Yarns Bebe Jacquard that the pattern calls for. Ali picked out the color and I think it's going to be a cute project that hopefully she'll wear every day. I'm going to knit the size 4-5 so that it'll fit once it starts not sweltering in say January of 2007.

My next order was from elann. I got some Sonata Print - 2 balls of Rose Garden and 2 balls of Lilac Sachet. These are to make two different versions of the Short Snort Girlfriend Tank. I am in love with all of Wendy's designs and it's nice that her girlfriend and my Ali have similar tastes and sizes. They can grow up together on opposite coasts wearing the same clothes - but her's will be knit a lot faster.

Last night I got together with some knitting friends and painted some pottery. While Jessica and Nicole accomplished detailed stenciling and lettering - I painted stripes. And I didn't even challenge myself to paint straight stripes, they're all wobbly-edged. So I commend my friends, they are braver than me. I painted the not-too-technical-stripes on a coffee cup for Wayne for Father's Day - at least that's the plan, if it turns out crappy, I painted it for me. I'll post photos after I pick it up.

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