Monday, May 15, 2006

Happy Mommy's Day to Me

I had a lovely Mother's Day courtesy of Wayne and Alison. They even collaborated on an art project for me.

It's a lovely treasure box that they spray painted and stenciled and lined with sparkly felt on the inside and then decorated. By they, I mean mostly Wayne but Alison was there. :)

They also took me out for a lovely lunch with my Mom and Dad at Chili's - which suprisingly enough did not have the two hour wait time of the Cheesecake Factory (my first choice). After that there was one more suprise -- a new digital camera!! Notice how clear and evenly-colored the above pic is, that's the new camera in action. I love it! I can even take pictures of things up close now, so prepare to be dazzled by all the little things I'd love to comment on.

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