Thursday, May 18, 2006

An Evening of Crochet

And sadly no piecing, but I just didn't have the concentration for it. While watching my DVR'd finales or ANTM and The Amazing Race I did manage to keep my hands busy and start on a star blanket for Emily.

I'm hooking it out of some very soft Caron's Simply Soft and love the way the stripes look together. These first 7 rounds went quickly, but with the legs getting longer I've already slowed down a bit.

When we bought this house, we painted every room the first weekend before we moved in. Wayne and I went back and forth about a lot of things, but in the end I got my Pottery Red living room wall and my Daredevil Red bathroom. What I did not get was Alison's room painted pink and green. It turns out that Wayne hates this color combination.

O how the tables have turned though with Emily on the way. Emily's room is the former office. Wayne's office, which he painted a pretty sage green. And he doesn't want to paint it again. End result, all of Emily's blankets, sheets, room decor, etc is pink and green and I win. :)

I've gotten a little ambitious and involved myself with two new knitting endeavors. The first is organizing a local event for Worldwide Knitting in Public Day 2006 on June 10th. I'm keeping it simple and just hoping people show up.

Secondly, I joined the Summer of Socks knit-a-long that Zarzeula is starting. I'm hoping to get at least 3 pairs of socks done between June 21 and Sept 21 which could be an outrageous goal depending on when Emily is born and how crazy things get. I could also end up on bedrest and knit millions of socks, so 3 seems like a good middle of the road goal.

Today should be a good day for piecing -- Wayne's truck is in the shop so Ali and I are homebound.

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