Thursday, May 04, 2006

Update: 140 Square Blanket of Death

Some of you may be wondering 'what happened to that very ambitious blanket Megan was hooking??' Prepare to be answered - and hopefully dazzled.

I took a one-week hiatus from the blanket because I had packed it for the Fair and did not feel like climbing into the very back of my cavernous truck to unpack between our two engagements. I also took a break to knit SockS! and Cupcacke Hat. But I have been working as is evidenced here:

That my friend is 104 squares out of 140 completed. I only have two colors left - black and white and I need the most squares of these two.

I hate finishing things - sewing up seams is not my style for some reason and that it all comes at the end only further paralyzes my process. So, I think I'm going to start piecing this blanket together now a little bit at a time, more 'middling' than finishing. Perhaps it will be less daunting that way. We'll see.

I found this cool thing on Lolly's blog today and had to try it myself. It makes a cute little table of your fav music.

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