Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Today I completed hooking the squares for Carlin's Color Bar Blanket. Now I have until the end of the month to put it together in time to ship it for her June 6th birthday. But I've been working on that a little too and think I'll be done with plenty of time left.

How did the white yarn situation work out?? Well today I started working a square with the Jiffy I had purchased under duress and quickly figured out that there is no way it would work as a replacement. The yarn was much bulkier and very fuzzy. I was pissed.

Then I found some almost white yarn that had been given to me by someone in our group for our booth at the Fair -- I didn't have a ton of it, but enough to make 3 squares. It's not quite cream, but not quite blinding white like the rest, but it's the only option I have left. So I made the last 3 squares and called it finito.

The pieced together pieces.

Pile of pieces to be pieced.

Three of these things are not like the others. The color difference isn't as noticeable in natural lighting.

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