Wednesday, May 03, 2006

A cupcake a day

Or in two days will give you arthritis. Which I do not recommend on top of pregnancy. Luckily, my fingers seem to be back to normal and Nicole loved her hat.

Sorry for the funky coloring, but the camera is crazy and this pic was bright red madness originally.

I knit the hat modifying the pattern from Chile con Yarne. She had only listed baby and kid's sizes so I had to take a stab at knitting it bigger. I started it on Monday at 11:30AM and wove in the ends at 3:30PM on Tuesday - speed knitting at its best. It could use a little more length in the frosting section, but Nicole loves it so I will not fret.

It reminds me of those Arby's commercials where people have Arby's hats over their heads when they're 'thinking Arby's'. It sounds a lot more fun to be 'thinking cupcakes'. :)

Speaking of cupcakes, Wayne organized a little birthday bash for Nicole on Tuesday night and we ate cupcakes. And looked adoringly at cupcakes. And got some cupcake up our noses.

Happy Birthday Nicool!!

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